How I Get Free Products and Samples

So you’ve watched some Youtube videos or read a blog like this one about online freebies and now you’re wondering, how can I get free products online?

I’ll explain three of the ways I get free stuff in my mail box everyday. All of these are simple to do if you have some free time and are willing to do alittle research. The three main ways people get stuff are:

  • Filling out surveys
  • Writing product reviews
  • Entering daily contest for giveaways.

Filling out Surveys

Although filling out surveys is not my favorite way to get free stuff, it is one of the most productive ways.

Most of the surveys I fill out are medium length surveys which ask questions about demographics of my household or my recent purchases. Companies use this information to help them in product development and research.

The compainies are willing to give you free products in return for your responses to their survey questions. This method of getting free stuff online can’t be ignored if you’re serious about freebies.

Writing Product Reviews

I’m sure you’ve seen the little star rating reviews on sites like and You might be surprised to learn some of these reviews are from people who got products for free in exchange for their review.

Yeap, you read that right, some companies will give out free products to get reviews posted online. Many of these are brand name companies and use this method to help promote their newer product lines.

There are businesses who’s sole purpose is to promote other brands in this way. One popular place to get free products is from a company called Smiley360. Once you’re accepted by Smiley360 they will start to send you free products from lots of popular and start-up companies.

Some other popular review companies are:

Entering Daily or Weekly Contest

Ok, I know what you’re thinking! Contest, I never win anything in contest, right? Well these contest are usually different than most. Of course I don’t always win, but I win enough free products to make entering them worth my time.

The way most of these contest work is by giving out a set number of free products to the first X amount of people who register or visit a website at a predetermined time. Meaning some contest my give a free make-up bag to the first 500 people who enter.

Other contest my give a free product to the first 1,000 people who visit at 10:30pm.

In other words most of these contest are not like drawing names from a hat. You can actually use some strategy to increase you’re odds of winning.

There are tons of these contest online and you’ll be able to find some resources on Spoiled by Freebies to help you find and win your fair share of contest. This is actually my favorite way to get free products. It’s adds a little excitement to my freebies adventure.

You may have other ways you use to get free product online and if so I’d love to hear about them! For me, filling out surveys, writing reviews and entering contest keep my mailbox pretty full. I hope you enjoy your own freebies adventure as much as I enjoy mine.